Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Out with the old, in with the new!

I have had my explorer for 6 years. I got her right before I met Jared. She, yes my explorer is a she, has over 180,000 miles of memories and fun. Unfortunately, my poor car died and right before we were supposed to drive down to San Diego for the boys' birthday. We only had about 3 days to find something. Jared has been wanting a truck for quite some time now and so with my explorer dying, it was the perfect excuse to finally get one... Here she is...
I love her already! I miss my explorer and the extra room I used to have inside, but its so nice to be able to load everything up in the bed of the truck and not worry about taking up space inside. I think our boys love it too..

Saturday, April 6, 2013

To my Reefy Boy..

It's your BIRTHDAY! I cannot believe you are already 4.. How fast the time has come and gone. From the day you were born you have been sweet, calm, polite and loving. I will never forget the instant love I felt when I held you in my arms for the very first time. You just have this light that surrounds you, anyone who comes in contact with you can see it and feel it. You already try so hard to be like our Savior and it just makes me love you even more. You are so caring and sensitive towards others feelings. You never want to make someone upset or see them cry. You love to ask questions and have me read you books. You soak up every little thing, which is sometimes a good thing and a bad thing, people really have to watch what they say around you. You LOVE your Grandparents, there is nothing you love more than to cuddle with your Nama and Grandma or play outside with your Papa and Grandpa. You are incredibly talented. You can hit/ throw a ball so far, your Papa calls you "The Throwin' Samoan" and it is quite fitting. You are Momma's big helper, always offering to help clean or put the dishes away. You love to watch cartoons, you can watch something once and quote it word for word, it is pretty funny. Some of the things you come up with are just too cute. You are very good at making people laugh. You adore your baby brother and would do just about anything for him. I love to watch you two play, you have quite the imagination. You and your Daddy have a special relationship. You could spend all day, every day helping him in the garage, going to the park or playing sports with him. You always love to impress him and make him so proud of you. You love your cousins so much, you get along with each and every one of them, and hardly ever fight or argue. Mommy and Daddy are just so proud of you. We have no way of expressing our love for you... There aren't enough words or actions to show you. We love and adore you more than you will ever know. Happy Birthday my Reefy Boy!!