Tuesday, December 14, 2010

December Fun!

I love DECEMBER! There is so much that goes on during this month.. Shopping, baking, family time, eating, presents, parties, eating, oh and did I mention EATING?!? and since Jared/ Reefy got me a camera for my birthday I am able to document all of our fun family outings!

Last Thursday we were able to go Christmas shopping (it is so nice to almost be done!) and so we went and ate lunch with PopPop (Great Grandpa) and Grandma Margie and then shopped our little hearts out! It was so fun to pick out everyone's gifts, Jared and I get so giddy and anxious! Reefy was pretty good too, I can see how difficult it can be to sit in stroller and be driven around all day long... : )

Reefy eating a lemon..
Reefy and Grandma
Jared, me and Grandpa
Reef really liked these glasses! haha
We shopped till he dropped! : )
Saturday night was the Avocado Ward Christmas Party. We had yummy BBQ Pit and the cooking interest group (my mom, me, Chris and Merina) made all the rolls and potatoes! We had so much fun and Reef loved Santa... Until he had to sit on his lap!

"Funeral" Potatoes... Yumm!
Some of the 400 rolls made on Saturday
Ward members could sign up to decorate a table..
This one is my mom's!
All the kids with Santa
Reef with Santa!!

Yesterday we celebrated Christmas with Lex, Erika, and the girls because they are leaving for Idaho on Friday. All the older grandkids got to make a gingerbread village with Nama and then they decorated cookies and ate them all up! Unfortunately, I didn't think to take my camera out until after the gingerbread village was decorated, but the kids did it all my themselves, we just put the houses together. Later on that night we read The Story of Christ's Birth and then Santa dropped off a bunch of presents for the girls! We all had so much fun!

The kids with their village!
Reef made the bakery
Reef enjoying his cookie while decorating it!

Monday, December 6, 2010

December Nights!

December is probably my favorite month out of the whole year. There is so much that goes on during December and I love to get into the holiday spirit! So of course I was excited when Mama Margie called and invited Reef and me to go with them to Decemeber Nights!!
Reefy and I went down to Balboa Park with the family so that we could watch Hayley's show choir perform for December Nights! It was absolutely INSANE down there! There were thousands of people walking around and tons of booths for food and shopping, if you've never been, I recommend going just for the experience, BUT I would be ok never going again! haha its just so crazy down there! Anyway, we parked over at Petco Park and took a shuttle over to Balboa, of course Reefy loved that! We got to the Organ Pavillion just in time to watch Hayley sing. It was so good! Music Machine is very entertaining and Hayley did a great job with duet! After the show was over, we were a little cold and tired so we left and went to 7 11 for some slurpees, hot cocoa and candy! Thanks family for a great night!! and Great Job Hayley!!
Tanner, Reef, and Grandpa on the bus
Organ Pavillion
Music Machine
The Girls and Tanner watching Hayley
The Family!
Reef and Grandpa
Mommy and Reef (he was not too excited to take a picture!)
Grandma and Reef
Aunty Hayley and Reefy