Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The love of Grand Parents

The othet day Jared and I went on a little date to dinner and a movie. We had some time to kill before our movie started so we took a walk around the mall. The husband had to use the restroom so I obviously waited outside for him. One of my favorite things to do at the mall is people watch and I couldn't help, but notice this sweet older lady and her grand daughter. The little girl couldn't have been more than 2, but you could tell they were the best of friends. The grandma just adored that little girl. Any little thing she did, the grandma just laughed and smiled. When someone would walk by she had to mention that, that was her grand daughter and you could hear the pride in her voice. When Jared was finished and we walked away I told him that as much as I love to watch a mommy or daddy with their babies, there is just nothing sweeter than a Grandma or Grandpa with their sweet Grand Babies. That instance made me think about my babies and the love of their Grand Parents. My parents and my in laws LOVE their Grand Children, they probably, no they definitely love them more than their own kids and I get it, I finally get it. Before I was married with my own children, my sister had her first baby Desea and I was hooked, obsessed, in love the minute I met her, but I at times, would get so jealous of her. (I know it sounds ridiculous even typing it, but its the truth..) I was used to being the youngest and getting everything I wanted. I couldn't understand why my parents loved her more than me.. I was their daughter and it was only right to love me more. Well, I grew up, got married, and had my own babies and that is when I got it. Now I obviously am not a Grandma and better not be for at least 22 more years or so, but I have NEVER loved anything (besides my hubby) more than I love my children. They are my world, they bring so much joy and happiness into my life. When they do grow up and get married and have their own children those sweet babies will not only be a part of my children and their spouses, but they will be a piece of this family that Jared and I created. I used to ask my mom, how shr can love them more than us? And she would tell me.. 1. They are adorable and sweet and never give her heartache 2. They love and adore her as much as she does them. 3. They are a part of what her chilrden created, and the love and bond is just indescribable. Now I appreciate that love.. I appreciate my parents and Jared's parents more than they know. My Reefy boy wants to call his Grandpa, Grandma, Nama, and Papa everyday just to say hi and tell them he loves them. I love to see them all play and laugh and make memories together, memories that will last forever. So this post is just to say Thank you! Thank you for all the calls, visits, smiles, hugs, kisses, memories, presents and love!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sundays are.. not so fundays!!

Sundays seem to be extremely hard for our little family. Thank goodness we have church at 12:30 now because 9am just wasnt working for us! We always seem to have meltdowns, stains on our clothes before we even leave the house, and I tend to forget something that is instrumental in keeping my sweet babies occupied during sacrement. Well, today was one of those Sundays. I woke up to Hawk eatjng a huge oile of dumped out animal crackers and of course i had to pick them up and that resorted to a major meltdown. I sat the boys down and we enjoyed a nice little breakfast and then meltdown two kicked in.. right about... Now. Reef was trying to watch cartoons, but Daddy said no and well, Reef doesn't like that word very much. We bathed the boys and somehow managed to get them dressed without any major difficulties. We loaded the boys in the car and headed to church. 12:30 is a little hard because that is usually the time I put Hawk down for a nap, so Daddy and I shared turns taking Hawk out while the other stays and entertains/ kind of gets to listen to the speakers. I took Hawk the first half and while i was failing miserably at putting Hawk to sleep, I was thinking to myself, "Why do I even waste my time coming to church? I have to sit out in the foyer the entire time we are here and I feel like I learn nothing." (I KNOW... HARSH, but it was true..) I quickly gave up and took Hawk to Jared and sat down determined to listen. It was ward conference today so we had the priviledge of having our awesome stake president there and as soon as i sat down he thanked all of us mommys and daddys for coming to church even though our time here usually consists of chasing or holding our kids. And then he said this... " All of you mommys and daddys have been given an important calling, thee most important calling and greatest thing you will ever do, which is to raise your babies to be wonderful, uplifting, spiritual human beings." It hit me right there... why do I even come to church? Because that is where the Lord wants us, it is so important for our kids to know this. Its important for them to learn reverence and I think it definitely teaches us Mommys and Daddys patience. I am so grateful for our stake president's counsel, but I am especially grateful for my babies, even if they can be a little busy and mischievous at times!

Friday, April 13, 2012

From messy faced boys to sweet gentlemen

Lately I have been thinking about my boys and what they are going to be like when they get older. They are such sweet little boys and I never want that to change. They don't know the difference from black, white, yellow, purple, (literally, we think Reef might be color blind, but thats beside the point) they don't know skinny from fat, or beautiful from ugly. At least once a day a hear a sweet little voice say "Mommy you are beuiful (translation- beautiful) and I have to admit.. I love it, it makes my heart melt. My husband has jokingly asked Reef if so and so is ugly and he always responds "No, him is handsome" or "No, her is beuiful." I just never want that to change. The world we live in is so obsessed with outward appearances, I admit I get sucked into all the latest fashion and beauty trends, but who is to say what is "pretty" and "ugly." I want my boys to love everyone despite the way they look, sound, or dress. I want them to find the beauty in everything and everyone. So, starting today, (not saying I've taught them differently before this..) my goal as Mommy is to teach them to love everyone despite our differences in appearance and so on. I love my sweet little boys and I want them to grow up and be sweet gentlemen.