Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sundays are.. not so fundays!!

Sundays seem to be extremely hard for our little family. Thank goodness we have church at 12:30 now because 9am just wasnt working for us! We always seem to have meltdowns, stains on our clothes before we even leave the house, and I tend to forget something that is instrumental in keeping my sweet babies occupied during sacrement. Well, today was one of those Sundays. I woke up to Hawk eatjng a huge oile of dumped out animal crackers and of course i had to pick them up and that resorted to a major meltdown. I sat the boys down and we enjoyed a nice little breakfast and then meltdown two kicked in.. right about... Now. Reef was trying to watch cartoons, but Daddy said no and well, Reef doesn't like that word very much. We bathed the boys and somehow managed to get them dressed without any major difficulties. We loaded the boys in the car and headed to church. 12:30 is a little hard because that is usually the time I put Hawk down for a nap, so Daddy and I shared turns taking Hawk out while the other stays and entertains/ kind of gets to listen to the speakers. I took Hawk the first half and while i was failing miserably at putting Hawk to sleep, I was thinking to myself, "Why do I even waste my time coming to church? I have to sit out in the foyer the entire time we are here and I feel like I learn nothing." (I KNOW... HARSH, but it was true..) I quickly gave up and took Hawk to Jared and sat down determined to listen. It was ward conference today so we had the priviledge of having our awesome stake president there and as soon as i sat down he thanked all of us mommys and daddys for coming to church even though our time here usually consists of chasing or holding our kids. And then he said this... " All of you mommys and daddys have been given an important calling, thee most important calling and greatest thing you will ever do, which is to raise your babies to be wonderful, uplifting, spiritual human beings." It hit me right there... why do I even come to church? Because that is where the Lord wants us, it is so important for our kids to know this. Its important for them to learn reverence and I think it definitely teaches us Mommys and Daddys patience. I am so grateful for our stake president's counsel, but I am especially grateful for my babies, even if they can be a little busy and mischievous at times!


Britni and Chad Robertson said...

Thank you for this post! I feel the same way! Nice little reminder! Hope you're doing good!

Jami said...

with my kids as young as they are, we go to church so our kids know that we go to church. plain and simple. it's hard, but you're not alone!