Thursday, January 31, 2013

Disneyland with the Grandmas

Jared, the boys, and I took an unexpected trip to San Diego a few days after New Years. We decided that since he had about a week off we might as well head to Disneyland. My mom had bought us passes in October and so it wouldn't cost us anything to go. We were thrilled when we found out that both Grandmas could with us, each on a different day. We drove up with my mom on Monday and spent most of our day at California Adventure checking out the new Car's Land. It is AWESOME!! I cannot even tell you how many times I had to chase Hawk down because he would try to cut everyone in line. He was probably the most excited to be there. He would flip out when the rides were over too, he just couldn't understand why it had stopped and why we couldn't keep going. We also went a lot of rides that are usually crazy packed. It was nice to go when there weren't a lot of people. It makes it so much more enjoyable. We stayed in a Hotel about 1/2 a mile away from Disneyland so we could walk there the next day. We dropped my mom off at the train station Monday night and then picked Jared's mom up Tuesday morning from the train station. We headed to Disneyland and spent the entire day going on every single ride. When 6 PM hit we were exhausted and ready to leave. Jared had been feeling well so he was definitely a trooper both days. I felt so bad for him.. Being sick at Disneyland, is like being a Vegetarian at Outback. Weird comparison, but it makes sense in my mind. We decided we were hungry and buffalo chicken strips sounded so good, so we found a Wings 'N' Things on the way home and it was DELICIOUS! I honestly love Disneyland more than anything. It is crazy how it can make me so incredibly happy. I love to watch my boy's faces light up and to see their excitement as we board each ride. I get excited just thinking about going. It definitely is a magical place! We are planning a trip in March and we cannot wait!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Children and Chores

I am so behind on my blogging. I have a list of things I want to blog about, but I feel like I can never find the time. So, I am going to make it a goal to blog right after we get home from an adventure, or after a craft, or good news... you get the point. Alright, back to the reason for this post....

A few weeks ago, I saw an Instagram post from my cousin Eileen. She made a Chore Chart for her kids and above the chore items were the rewards. It was so cute and I loved the idea of Reef having some responsibility around the house... Plus, it helps me out a little bit ;). So Jared and I sat down with Reef and let him choose the chores he wanted to do. Each chore is worth 25 cents and he chose:
1. Clean up belongings around the house.
2. Clean up his playroom.
3. Help Mommy put the dishes (the silverware) away.

Jared and I added:
4. Brush your teeth
5. Take your vitamins

He is so excited to get started. He has already put the dishes away and cleaned up his play room. I am relieved to see that it's actually working. I will update on how much progress is made and see how long this whole thing will continue.. I'm hoping until he is old enough to add more to the chore list!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Christmas in a Nutshell

 We had an amazing Christmas with our families. We weren't sure what our plans were until Christmas Eve Eve. We thought my family was coming out to AZ, but we found out the Friday before Christmas that the plans changed because my sister was put on bed rest. Jared came home Saturday and told me got Christmas Eve off and it was PAID! So we packed up our bags and headed to San Diego. We spent Christmas Eve with my family. We shopped all day long and then went to Denny's for Dinner. we went back to my parent's house and opened up my parents' gifts to the boys and shared the Christmas Story and sang songs. Christmas Day was spent with Jared's family. We woke up at 7 and opened presents, then we went to Pop Pop's house and opened up some more presents there. We had Christmas Dinner and then I took the boys over to my Aunt Cheryl's house to see all of my cousins and play some games. There is nothing better than spending the holidays with family. I am so grateful for every single one of my relatives. We enjoyed everyone's company had a wonderful Christmas Vacation.
Our Car all packed up!
All the presents under the tree.
Pop Pop opening the present we got him.
Hawk was so excited to see what he got!
Hawk LOVES his horsey!
Jared opening presents from his parents.
Reefy the Ninja Turtle!
Janitorial Equipment! His fave!
Nama Margie!
Pop Pop
One of our favorite things when we go to Pop Pop's house is his CANDY dish!
The boys trying to figure out what to do with this toy.
Someone loves Ninja Turtles.
Hawk and Von in their matching Batman sweatsuits. (Thanks Auntie Sarah and Uncle John.)
Hawk is OBSESSED with janitorial equipment. He loves his Chainsaw.
Auntie Ashley and Uncle Brad bought all of the kids Light Sabers and they LOVE them!
My Mom's side of the family.
The kids listening to Nama read about Jesus' Birth.
Reef opening up his present from Auntie Sarah and Uncle John.

Are the Holidays really over?!? I can't believe how fast they fly by... Over here at the Aiono Home, we personally can't wait till next Christmas... BUT until then... Merry Belated Christmas! We hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season and a..

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Two. Thousand. Twelve.

    *Worked, worked, worked.
    *Started/ maintained many hobbies... Dirt biking, tubing down the salt river, building igloo                      
                                                                       radios, reprogamming computers, collecting guns.
    *Said goodbye to his best buddy, Sage, for two years : (
    *Got more awesome (he said to put that one in)
    *Visited family often in San Diego.
    *Made new friends 
    *Became a better cook (I'm sure Husband is pleased with that one..)
    *Hosted many visitors
    *Watched my babies grow
    *Turned 3!
    *Had a huge party (the same weekend everyone got extremely sick..eewwww)
    *Got to spend a lot of time with his cousins.
    *Started Preschool.
    *Got his first report card.. so cute!
    *Learned many songs.
    *Got a quad that he loves to ride.
    *Learned how to ride a bike. He has never had the desire since he has a dirt bike.
    *Grew a huge sense of humor, which we are all very entertained with.
    *Made new friends.

    *Turned 1!!
    *Started saying many words.
    *Found an obsession with dogs.
    *Got a quad that he also loves to ride.
    *Spent lots of time with Namas, Papas, and cousins.
    *Experienced more road trips than any one year old I know.
    *Became a bully.
    *Learned how to climb.. that is sooo fun!
    *Was busy getting into anything he could get his hands on.

    *Grew as a family.
    *Fell more in love with each other and our babies.
    *Enjoyed many vacations with each other.
    *Experienced Arizona living and realized we love this place we call our HOME!

    *Make some new goals.
    *Exercise as a family.
    *Less spending, more saving.
    *Get a second car.
    *Go to Lake Powell.
    *Attend weddings.
    *Have another baby!!
    *...... and much much more!

We are so excited for what 2013 has to offer and look forward to sharing all of our memories with each other!