Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Two. Thousand. Twelve.

    *Worked, worked, worked.
    *Started/ maintained many hobbies... Dirt biking, tubing down the salt river, building igloo                      
                                                                       radios, reprogamming computers, collecting guns.
    *Said goodbye to his best buddy, Sage, for two years : (
    *Got more awesome (he said to put that one in)
    *Visited family often in San Diego.
    *Made new friends 
    *Became a better cook (I'm sure Husband is pleased with that one..)
    *Hosted many visitors
    *Watched my babies grow
    *Turned 3!
    *Had a huge party (the same weekend everyone got extremely sick..eewwww)
    *Got to spend a lot of time with his cousins.
    *Started Preschool.
    *Got his first report card.. so cute!
    *Learned many songs.
    *Got a quad that he loves to ride.
    *Learned how to ride a bike. He has never had the desire since he has a dirt bike.
    *Grew a huge sense of humor, which we are all very entertained with.
    *Made new friends.

    *Turned 1!!
    *Started saying many words.
    *Found an obsession with dogs.
    *Got a quad that he also loves to ride.
    *Spent lots of time with Namas, Papas, and cousins.
    *Experienced more road trips than any one year old I know.
    *Became a bully.
    *Learned how to climb.. that is sooo fun!
    *Was busy getting into anything he could get his hands on.

    *Grew as a family.
    *Fell more in love with each other and our babies.
    *Enjoyed many vacations with each other.
    *Experienced Arizona living and realized we love this place we call our HOME!

    *Make some new goals.
    *Exercise as a family.
    *Less spending, more saving.
    *Get a second car.
    *Go to Lake Powell.
    *Attend weddings.
    *Have another baby!!
    *...... and much much more!

We are so excited for what 2013 has to offer and look forward to sharing all of our memories with each other!


Kimmie Jean said...

And hang out with Kimmie more often... please?

Aiono Fam said...

haha ANYTIME! I miss you!