Friday, April 13, 2012

From messy faced boys to sweet gentlemen

Lately I have been thinking about my boys and what they are going to be like when they get older. They are such sweet little boys and I never want that to change. They don't know the difference from black, white, yellow, purple, (literally, we think Reef might be color blind, but thats beside the point) they don't know skinny from fat, or beautiful from ugly. At least once a day a hear a sweet little voice say "Mommy you are beuiful (translation- beautiful) and I have to admit.. I love it, it makes my heart melt. My husband has jokingly asked Reef if so and so is ugly and he always responds "No, him is handsome" or "No, her is beuiful." I just never want that to change. The world we live in is so obsessed with outward appearances, I admit I get sucked into all the latest fashion and beauty trends, but who is to say what is "pretty" and "ugly." I want my boys to love everyone despite the way they look, sound, or dress. I want them to find the beauty in everything and everyone. So, starting today, (not saying I've taught them differently before this..) my goal as Mommy is to teach them to love everyone despite our differences in appearance and so on. I love my sweet little boys and I want them to grow up and be sweet gentlemen.

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