Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas! (I know its late)

Jared, Reefy and I had an amazing Christmas! It was INSANE, but so much fun. We have kind of made it a tradition to spend the night at Jared's parents house on Christmas Eve so that we can wake up and open presents with them. Jared has also made it a tradition to wake everyone up at 6AM by running around singing "Dominic- The Italian Christmas Donkey" at the top of his lungs! ITS WONDERFUL!! Reefy had a great time at Grandma and Grandpa Aiono's house! It was really fun to see him excited to open each gift too!

Reef was very excited to get his "Melmo" slippers!
Reef riding his new scooter
Auntie was jammin' to... something..
Reefy as santa clause
Christmas morning picture... Please excuse the no makeup!!
Next up was our house with Nama, Papa, Uncle John, Auntie Sarah, Taije, Auntie Ash, Uncle Brad, and Avery. We had a great time opening presents! We got Zoo passes (which i am sooo excited about, Jared, not so much...) from my parents and Reef got some great toys as well. Jared and I opened our gifts from each other too. Somehow he knew EXACTLY what I got him, but I had no idea what I was getting, I like surprises, unlike him! : )

Reef with his Hot Wheels track
Nama, Papa, and Reef
Elmo Piano from nama and papa (If you couldn't tell Reef was very excited)
Jared got me a Coach diaper bag and a Wallet to match! I love it!
I got Jared a Uke, He has been wanting one for so long!
We headed to Grandpa's (PopPop is what Reef calls him) to open up some more presents! We always enjoy going over there on Christmas, Reefy loves his PopPop so much and its nice just to spend some time with him!

PopPop with his Reef's hat on
Reef with his new Guitar
Auntie Hayley and Reef
Uncle and Auntie with their new beanies
Next up... My Grandparent's house. My Grandparent's have been having Christmas at their house forever... I think it all started with my cousins Juj and Justin. The Liljestrom family always has such a blast when we are together! My grandma gets gifts for every single one of her children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren. It is very thoughtful and sweet. This year she really wanted to focus on the great grandchildren, so Reefy lucked out! He got a very cute church suit that mommy can't wait to put on him and some Elmo toys! Reef walked around with his stuffed elmo... pretty much the whole time... haha. We also did a white elephant gift exchange, which is always comical!

Reef's cute suit
Reef opening his presents
Reefy and Elmo
Reef, Taije, Danny and Finn

After my Grandparent's house, we headed over to the Aiono's for Christmas Dinner. Unfortunately, We didn't take any pictures, but the food was delicious and we had a great time with family. We were pretty tired at that point so we came home and guess what?? We ate dinner at our house too! We spent the rest of the night at our house and Reef had so much fun playing with all of his new toys with Daddy!

Even though our Christmas' are always hectic, we look forward to them every year! It definitely wears Reefy out!! Every time we got in the car Reef would fall asleep! Next year will be even better with 2 kids! We can't wait!

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