Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's new with the Aiono Fam...

It's official.. I am not a good blogger! BUT I am going to try and get better... So here is my attempt at blog post #2!

Here's a little update..
On April 17th we had a HUGE party for little Reefy, the day was filled with family, friends, cake, food, astro jumps, games and king size candy bars in the pinata. It was sport's ball themed because Reefy is obsessed with sport's balls. It was such a blast! Crazy to think our little Reefy is already 1!!

In May, Reefy and I went with my Mom, Dad, Nieces, and Nephew to Disneyland! It was so much fun to see all the kids run around and play together. They absolutely love disneyland! We went up Thursday and stayed till Saturday morning. My entire family was supposed to go, but at the last minute everyone started to bail... I was so sad that Jared couldn't come with us, but Thursday night after we left Disneyland and went to eat, Brad, Ashley, Erika, and Jared surprised us. I was so happy that Jared came! For one, it is NOT easy to watch 4 kids at Disneyland, so It was definitely nice to have some help. We all had a great time and needless to say, the kids slept like babies that night!

Jared and I have been trying for quite some time now to get pregnant again.. I got pregnant about 4 months ago, but I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks. It was so devastating, definitely a lot harder than I thought it would be. I was a little nervous about trying again because a miscarriage was something I never wanted to go through again. It took a lot of praying and faith to know that everything happens for a reason and if it was meant to be, the Lord would bless us with another baby when the time was right. Well, that time has come!! We found out on June 15th that I am pregnant again. I am 10 weeks as of yesterday. I wanted to make it past the 8 week mark before we really started telling anyone. We are soo thrilled! We find out in 9 weeks what we are having and I can hardly wait.. Send me those baby girl vibes!! haha. We honestly will be happy with whatever sex the baby is as long as it is healthy and strong.

As of right now, our life is great! We both feel so blessed to have a healthy, happy, growing family. That is really all we could ask for!


Britni and Chad Robertson said...

Yay! Congrats on baby #2!

Mashaide said...

Congratulations! I definitely know what it's like to have a miscarriage and they are never easy. As long as you have faith in the Lord and stay strong, things will work out. As they seem to be. Miss you Scoot!