Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

I have always looked forward to the day that I would have my own little family so that we would be able to celebrate each holiday together and the way we wanted to. I was so happy when Reef's teacher told me they were having a Valentines Day party and Reef would need to bring in a Valentine for each of his classmates. I immediately started brainstorming, trying to think of something different for Reef to do. I searched Pinterest and found a couple of cute ideas. I had Reef pick his favorite and took it to the husband to do what he does best... Create something using photoshop. This is what he came up with...
I am seriously so lucky to be married to such a talented man. He is good looking too, which of course is a plus! Reef told me that he also wanted to get something for his teacher he said a ring with chocolate kisses... Uumm... Hhmm..(i think my son may have a crush on his teacher haha... ) I wasn't sure about the ring so we settled with a cup filled with chocolates. He was soo excited to give it to her, it was actually quite cute.
He loves Mrs. Bernie so much, she is a great teacher! I can't wait to hear all about his day when I pick him up from school. I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day! I am so blessed to be spending my day with three of the sweetest, cutest guys I know!

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