Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cici Bear Visits!

As we were getting ready to leave our Mini Vacation and head back home, my mom called and asked if we would like to meet at Round Table for lunch with her and my siblings, so we met everyone there and had a great time talking and the kids had fun playing all the video games. The whole time we were there I kept saying, "I'm taking Cici with me." Erika would reply, "No, no you aren't." Well, As you can see, I won that battle! We got to bring Cici back with us for 10 days and Reef and Hawk were thrilled! It just so happened that while she was with us, it was also her BIRTHDAY so we tried to make it extra special. I think she had a great time, although, sadly... her and Hawk don't really get a long.. It is sad, yet hilarious, all at the same time! With that said... We love Cici Bear so much and had a wonderful time with her as our guest! 
 Cici and Reef couldn't wait to go to Peter Piper!
 Everyone taking a break from eating to say, "CHEESE!"
 One of the many times they rode the Merry Go Round
 Cici eating her Ice Cream Cupcake
 Cici loved her gifts from her cousins
Reef wanted in on the picture taking!

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