Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cows and Guns and Food and Fun!

Grandma Margie, Hayley and Tanner came for a little visit this past week. It was so much fun to spend some time with them and try out some new activities. We live in such a small town there really isn't much to do... OR so we thought! We ended up having a fun filled few days of guns, food, milk, food, cows, and more food. 
 Reef with his Grandma
 The girls
 My Reefy Boy
 Tanner got a bullseye
 Hawk was too cute with these earmuffs
 All of us with our guns!
 Hayley and I had so much fun!
 One of the many meals we made and ate

So, the husband has quite an OBSESSION with milk. He swears by Shamrock Farms milk. He says it is thee very best he had ever had. We knew that there was a Shamrock Farm in Arizona, but we weren't sure where it was. We found out it was actually only 12 MILES away from our house! I did some digging and discovered they do public tours 2 days a week and it happened to fall on the day that everyone came. We went and had a blast. There is so much to do and see... we got to feed calves, see how they milk thousands of cows a day, watch a momma cow give birth (SO COOL!) play on a cow themed playground, and the best part... they gave each of us a free bottle of milk after your tour! We also "Liked" them on Facebook and so we got a free scoop of ice cream! 
 Reef got to help demonstrate how much a cow eats compared to his weight. 
(That bag is 100 lbs.) Reef went to the very top of the scale. 
 Hawk and Uncle Tanner
 The Family
 Reef feeding the Bull Calf
 Hawk's turn!

We had so much fun with the family! We love when they come to visit! 

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