Saturday, February 2, 2013

Update: Reef's Chores

Yay!! First week of chores is over and complete. Reef did great and he was actually eager to help Mommy out around the house. To make it more exciting for him we took him to walmart to pick out his very first piggy bank. I was surprised to see him pass up the Mr. Potato Head, Soccor Ball, and Football Piggy Banks... Instead he went right for the cash box with a lock and key. What a smart boy, he must know his little brother would do anything in his power to break that thing open.. Haha... No, but seriously, Hawk has already tried to open this one, but has been unsuccessful thus far. Reef now has it hidden in a safe "Hawk Free" area. Daddy was nice enough to give Reef the change from his wallet, he was thrilled. So, each day Reef completed his chores without complaint and even reminded me that he needed to take his vitamins. He made $3.50 and today he bought 2 hot wheels cars with his own money. I am thrilled to see it is working so far.. We will see how next week goes.
Reef with his "Piggy Bank"
Chore chart
Reef was so excited to open it up and put his earnings inside
Reef so proud of his "moneys"

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